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Simmons Computer assists companies in reinforcing their cloud security, helping them protect their company and focus on growing their business.

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Managed Cloud Security Services For Sensitive Data
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Multi Cloud Environments Security Controls

Seamlessly migrate to any cloud and protect your company

  • Cloud settings and security misconfigurations give you headaches?
  • Are you afraid of unauthorized access to your business's vital files?

Migration to the cloud is only the beginning. However, protecting your cloud-driven operations against hackers requires a new rulebook. Choose our reliable cloud services and remove the guesswork.

How our managed cloud security service takes your business to the next level

From data backup and recovery services to protection from hackers through next-gen antiviruses and firewalls, Simmons Computer has everything it takes to help you operate your ventures safely and stably.

24/7 cloud security monitoring

Our cloud security experts monitor clients' cloud environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help them run their business smoothly, without downtime, allowing them and their employees to stay focused on essential business tasks.

Immediate response

We will get back to you right away if we find some problems. We will connect our findings with regular security frameworks.

The deep bench of cloud security expertise

We have industry-leading expertise, the best IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS experts, and specialize in Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS. No matter what type of cloud you are looking for, Simmons Computer has got you covered.

Customizable and scalable

Each and every solution we offer is custom-tailored, meaning we take the time to learn about your business and the way you work. Scale up or down depending on your current needs and requirements.

Manage your cloud securely

Over the last few years, Simmons Computer has helped commercial and governmental clients manage their cloud environments. Our core cloud expertise has evolved in order to meet ever-changing customer and market demands.
Access Management Services

Assure the best outcomes

Your cloud environment needs to be configured for success, which is often easier said than done, especially if you already have overwhelmed employees.

Leave end-to-end management in our hands, kick back, relax and start doing what you really need to do - running your business.

Access Management Services

Surround yourself with real experts

When configuring and securing your cloud, only one teeny tiny mistake is enough for hackers to break in, steal what they need, and wreak havoc on your business.

Our experienced, competent, and certified cloud security engineers utilize proven frameworks and the world's most acceptable security practices to keep your cloud environment resilient and safe.

Access Management Services

Secure the cloud environment by design

Let Simmons Computer help you break down tech silos and create the best cloud configuration that 100% suits your business's and employees' needs. Make work easier and get the flexibility and control you need.

Discover your cloud security solution

Isaco Inc

"Since we signed up with Simmons Computer, they have cleared up all of our lingering tech and email issues and helped us optimize our software which saved us money. They are very responsive and convenient and we finally feel in control of our tech environment. I highly recommend their services."

“I highly recommend their services.”

Strengthen your cloud security posture with industry-leading managed security services

Our managed security services have everything it takes for a business owner to run effective and efficient cloud-based IT operations. We understand that business continuity, compliance, and security belong at the core of every business infrastructure.

Stop worrying about HIPAA and other compliances by implementing our simple and proven methods for collecting, storing, and moving clients' sensitive data.

Managed security

Simmons Computer will continuously monitor, track, and assess your cloud environment looking for non-standard deployments and misconfigurations and help you stack up against industry regulation standards.

Ensure disaster recovery

Keep your files safe with regular backups. With our disaster preparedness planning and quick real-time emergency response coordination, you will never lose your files after disasters like hurricanes, floods, fires, and thefts.

Regular reports

Simmons Computer will schedule frequent meetings with you to present what vulnerabilities we have found and what we can do to improve even further your cloud security.

Adaptive automation

Simmons Computer has the best market software, tools, and practices in charge of prioritizing threats through automation and threats assessments. Get rid of annoying security problems once and for all.

Network Security Professionals

What do you get with our managed services company?

Simmons Computer helps businesses respond to natural and cyber threats that target cloud infrastructure, applications, and services.

  • Threats stand no chance - they are quickly identified and treated proactively.
  • The best regulatory compliance practices and data security through regular patching.
  • Diminished reliance on human intervention, leading to fewer errors.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring, tracking, and real-time threat detection resulting in less room for inconveniences.

Less guesswork, more value

Connect with us and enable your workforce to focus on other company-vital priorities rather than day-to-day cloud security threat detection.

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