IT Management - IT Support.

IT Management

As your technology partner, we take responsibility for your systems, making sure everything is secure, solid, and fitted to your company's operations and goals.

IT Management - IT Support - Helpdesk and Support.

Unlimited helpdesk and support

Prompt support performed by pleasant, experienced professionals, who enjoy solving your problems and getting you back to work. Of course, if we can't solve your issues remotely, we will come to your office.

• Multiple ways to communicate with your tech via phone, email, website, or desktop icon

• Assigned technicians means you always deal with a familiar face

• Personable, friendly, articulate technicians who will remove your frustrations - not add to them

Proactive maintenance

By consistently cleaning and updating your computers, they have a longer lifespan, operate faster and keep your staff frustration-free.

• Ensure all systems are kept up-to-date

• Monitor security feeds to combat constantly-emerging threats in realtime

• Fighting bloatware & installation of self-healing mechanisms

• Forecasting required upgrades

• Scripted fixes for common problems

• Internal and external vulnerability scanning

IT Management - IT Support - Proactive Maintenance.
IT Management - IT Support - Status Monitoring.

Status monitoring

We understand your IT to a 'T' and will inform you whenever something requires your attention, whether it is hardware depreciation, employee behavior or efficiency gains. When downtime occurs, we are alerted and begin working the problem — even before you call us.

Isaco Inc

"I own a local business and have 7 workstations including a server running all sorts of old and new software, and hardware. We've been using these folks for several years and they always solve our digital issues."

“ They always solve our digital issues.”

Cyber security &

Many businesses are purely digital. Imagine if your data was stolen or encrypted — it happens to businesses every day. Whether it is an outside attack or internal malfeasance, we can counter the threats and ensure your business' continuity.

• Constantly monitored anti-virus and anti-malware

• Fast, remote remediation of viruses and malware

• Endpoint Detection and Response

• Dynamic Web and DNS Filtering

• Advanced, multi-layered security posture

IT Management - IT Support - Cyber security and anti-virus.
IT Management - IT Support - Helpdesk and Support.

Data backups & disaster recovery

What happens in case of a fire, flood, or theft? Data is fragile. Our backups will give you the peace of mind you need

• Data is stored on various locations, and in accordance with any legal restrictions such as HIPAA, PCI, or GDPR

• We execute 'backup restore tests' to guarantee in advance the reliability of your backups

• We can include backups for your service providers, such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace

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