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Repel cyber attacks and protect yourself against intruders who can't wait to hack you, compromise IT systems and do harm to your business.

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Simmons Computer's data security engineer has got your back

Today's information security threat landscape is quick-moving and ever-changing. Simmons Computer has senior security staff to build out your security system with the:

  • next-gen anti-malware
  • compliant and highly secure firewalls
  • security certifications
  • security testing methods
  • risk management

Isaco Inc

"Simmons Computer Services has been our IT service for the past year and they are great! When you call or text for help they are right back in touch within a few minutes. They are willing to come on a moments notice on site to help or many times they can walk us through over the phone. I highly recommend Simmons Computer Services for your church or business. They are first class!!"

“They are first class.”

Our cyber security services are the full package; leaving nothing to chance

Protect your organization in its entirety with our significant security experience. Simmons Computer offers operations center support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We get it. Your job is to take care of your business and keep it moving. Our job is to stop thieves and any other type of security threat so you can do what you do best- keep your business moving forward.

With our security operations findings, you can prevent security threats, reduce downtime, streamline your workflow, empower teams' collaboration, and save money.

Protect your enterprise for a fraction of the cost of having internal security working teams.

Managed IT Services - Support.

Cyber security assessment

Discover the weaknesses of your organization's security architecture by applying security testing methods performed by our leading data security analyst.

Our highly trained cyber security team has the most advanced tools and expertise to inspect, identify, assess, and completely eradicate security threats.

Ensure your organization's security with our comprehensive cyber security assessment services.

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Managed network security

Network cyber security consulting with a senior advisor about security best practices tailored to suit cross functional working groups.

Let us take care of your current and evolving compliance strategies by starting with the end in mind approach.

Looking for a way to enhance connectivity and workforce collaboration with an agile, flexible, and adaptive infrastructure?

We can take care of everything - whether it comes to things that reside at the customers or in the cloud, our managed network security services can help you move your business forward through advanced information security services.

Managed IT Services - Support.
Managed IT Services - Support.

24/7 incident response team

Many South Carolina agencies, DOD contractors, and insurance companies trust our incident response team that's always ready to help you out in less than 5 minutes.

We keep an eagle eye on the network's activity to detect, investigate, track, and provide nothing short of 5-star incident response services.

Get your incident response plan and ensure business workflow continuity by preventing security breaches.

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Managed IT Services - Greenville South Carolina.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Simmons Computer is your one stop shop for SOC and threat intelligence services available 24 x 7 x 365.

Get the best assistance regarding compliance efforts, physical security metrics, instant cyber incident response, risk mitigation, and constant security monitoring.

Protect your company against new attacks that are daily released into the services.

Managed IT Services - Support Business.

Digital forensic investigation

Simmons Computer's digital forensic investigators are the experts you seek.

Move quickly with our computer forensic analysis to contain the breach and threat that can wreak havoc on your business.

Our in-house digital forensic investigation team has knowledge and experience to recover deleted data, prevent organized digital crimes and frauds, testify as experts in state and federal courts, and more.

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Managed IT Services - Greenville South Carolina.

Documenting important security tasks: first line of defense

Get the maximum protection in a world where the number of cyber attacks grows at the speed of light.

Stay ahead of cyber threats that are becoming more complex day by day with our cyber defense and protect business interests and data.

Learn more about formatting and keeping your documentation safe and up to date.

Managed IT Services - Support Business.

Audit services

The perfect blend of technology and people.

Access the level of cyber risk your business is exposed to through cyber security assessments or audits that involve internal and external audits conducted by our experienced cyber security engineers.

Get the road map that will help you improve cyber security and stay focused on the thing you are doing best - growing and expanding your business.

What Simmons Computer's security processes look like


Develop an organizational strategy that aligns with your business goals to monitor, track, identify, manage, and diminish cyber security risks to employees, customers, assets, data, systems and capabilities.


Identify security weaknesses and events, collect valuable and actionable insights, and test and manage your first line of defense against cyber attacks.


We stand tall on our promise of taking a zero trust-based approach to give your company, IT networks and assets, digital users, and cloud environments maximum protection.

Respond & recover

Quick cyber incident response time to neutralize the impact of cyber breaches.

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