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A flexible approach to having your IT managed

Simmons Computer has bundled all of the essential building blocks of IT system management into one easy-to-manage program, which is completely customizable to your unique business requirements.
Managed IT Services - Simmons Computer.
Uncover every single software and hardware inefficiency
Adopt the best possible technology, complete with training and support

Mix and match our services

Managed IT Services - Cloud Software.

Cloud software & infrastructure

Microsoft Office 365 services and support. More productive, collaborative and secure teams​.

Managed IT Services - Cyber Security.

Cyber security

Mix and match from our comprehensive managed IT services that includes software from the most well recognized brands in the market.

Managed IT Services - Network Management.

Network management

Monitoring and management of your SD-WAN network. Better network performance, more agility and a lower cost.

Managed IT Services - Device Management.

Device management

Monitoring and management of core network devices. Removing the burden of monitoring and managing critical LAN infrastructure​.

Stress-free onboarding and alignment of expectations

Simmons Computer is an IT services provider who manages and supports the IT of your small / medium-sized business.

We take full responsibility for making the most of your IT: guaranteeing up-time, providing immediate support, mitigating security-related risk and optimizing IT processes.

We ensure that you can stay focused on your work, collaborate effectively from any location or device - and that you are safe from breaches or corruption.

Benefits of managed IT services

Managed IT services give you the support you need for your critical IT technology — including workstations, networks, servers and security — without the cost and hassle of managing everything on your own. Benefits of managed IT services include:
Proactive Maintenance
Maximizing your IT budget & ROI
Improved performance
Access to IT expertise & IT-related business strategy
Improved network security
Best-in-class response times

Upstate South Carolina

Simmons Computer serves small and medium sized businesses in Upstate South Carolina with IT management and IT support as their primary expertise. Simmons Computer has flourished with the onset of IT, boasting over 30 years of combined experience and has aimed to delight customers since its humble beginnings.

We differentiate ourselves through superior understanding of business processes and how IT can be utilized to increase your efficiency and growth.
Managed IT Services - Simmons Computer.
“We position ourselves as a business partner, who understands your vision and aligns your IT with your goals.”
Jeff Simmons, CEO

Industries we serve

At Simmons Computer, we bring in our industry experts to identify the best solutions based on your compliance, regulatory, size and business-specific needs.
We have broad experience in many industries, including:
Real Estate
Health Care & Pharmaceutical
Legal & Professional Services
Financial & Insurance Services
Transportation & Logistics
Local Small & Medium Businesses

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Sample our service for a month at no cost and consecutively decide whether it fits your expectations.

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