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Simmons Computer is an IT support company that provides IT support Greenville SC businesses absolutely trust, offering 24/7 expert technology solutions in record time.

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Managed IT Services - Support.

Do you need a trustworthy IT support team you can rely on 100%?

  • Are you tired of having no idea what exactly is wrong with your IT set-up, and no clue how you can make your IT environment run seamlessly to move your business forward?
  • Do you feel like you are spending more than you should be on IT, without getting any form of Return on Investment from your technology infrastructure?
  • Are you sure your business is completely secure? Can your vital information end up in the wrong hands?

Your small business deserves expert, hands-on IT support to thrive

With all the possibilities that technology offers, to have technology problems slow you down is a lousy situation to be in. 

You should wake up in the morning, excited to go to work, knowing that you will not be stuck under the desk, trying to figure out what to do with what cable; or why the emails wouldn’t send; or why the internet is down; or what cybersecurity threat the antivirus is reporting!

There’s a lot about your IT environment that needs expert hands so that you can always have the time and energy to focus on the needle-moving aspects of your business.

Managed IT Services - Expert team.
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

We do IT differently

It’s difficult staying on track with your business goals when you are stuck waiting for "IT support" to finally respond to the ticket you sent in 4 days ago! No business owner likes surprises when it comes to expenditure, you deserve to be fully aware of the happenings of your business technologies.

We do IT support differently, by prioritizing your business IT needs; available for you in minutes rather than days, providing our expertise on all aspects of your tech environment. We enable you to leverage technology, by providing tailored solutions for your business needs all at a clearly defined monthly cost.

At Simmons Computer, we function as your in-house team of tech experts at a fraction of the cost it should take to hire experts with our years of experience on your own. The speed of problem resolution would leave you in awe.

With Our Managed IT Services, You Get To

Enjoy reliable technology services

No more slow software, no more double work, no more printer problems. With everything working blazingly fast, all our customers can focus on their core business.

Save costs

Short-term and long-term savings on technology are a natural result of exceptional managed services. When we lay out our case of how much you'll save, you'll be shocked!

Work more efficiently

We find out which processes can be adjusted to work much faster! Not only that, because we optimize your environment, we easily save 15-20 minutes every single day for many businesses in Greenville sc.

24/7 IT support for Greenville SC

We prioritize your calls and fully understand your business needs. Whenever you reach out for support, we respond in two minutes or less! And if you need onsite support, being local to the Greenville area ourselves, we would easily drop by with long-lasting solutions.

Cybersecurity Greenville SC SMBs trust

With our proactive cybersecurity solutions, we can keep you completely secure, whether on the cloud or all endpoints (computers, tablets, and phones) in your network. We ensure the vital data of your company is always out of reach from unauthorized parties.

With our 40+ years of combined expertise, you get exceptional IT services for your Greenville business

Cyber security and antivirus

We don’t hope you stay secure online, we prioritize your cyber security! Through a series of proactive measures, we ensure that threats and vulnerabilities are taken care of to drastically reduce the risks of any cyber attack. Your security is our priority.

Proactive maintenance and status monitoring

Rather than waiting for things to need fixing, we proactively ensure they don't. We do this by monitoring your company’s IT systems; providing solutions in real-time for your business.

Cloud solutions

We take you on a digital transformation journey, to help you ease into the cloud. Working from the cloud gives you real-time access to get official work done, from wherever, and whenever. With our cloud services and solutions, we get you comfortable and effective, working on the cloud.

Automating processes

We help you automate business processes, enabling you to focus on tasks that cannot be automated while artificial intelligence handles the rest.


Our clients cut up to 50% of what they would normally spend on communications using traditional landlines with our VoIP solutions. We ensure your phone lines are always up and running, able to attend to new business, no matter when the leads call in.

Data backups disaster recovery

You can depend on us to get back up and running in the event of a cyberattack, hurricane, or fire incident. You can rely on our managed service offerings, you can rely on us to help you get your technology environment functioning seamlessly again. We protect your mission-critical data with our expert managed services.

Virtual CIO services

We function as your chief information officer and partner from the outside. We discuss with you to understand your business needs, and then help you design an actionable roadmap for your business growth and future, establishing the technologies that would be efficient in taking you there.

Microsoft 365 optimization

We help you work seamlessly on your digital workspaces. Beyond that, we ensure you use your Microsoft 365 to the max, cutting the cost of getting additional software that performs tasks already included in your Microsoft 365 package. We help organizations save money while getting the highest level of value from their productivity tools and resources.

Managed IT Services - Support - Greenville

Beyond IT, we sincerely care about your business…

While IT gets our blood flowing and that's why we got into the industry… we find indescribable fulfillment in using our IT expertise to impact real businesses run by real people. 

Several small to medium-sized businesses in Greenville SC have had to deal with mediocre IT services over the years. We started Simmons Computer to bridge the gap, giving small businesses access to professional and reliable IT management, at a fraction of the cost it would normally cost.

We promise you that our care and approach to managed IT services and IT support is unlike anything you've experienced before. Choosing us means you switch from having perpetual technology problems to making technology your competitive advantage.

Isaco Inc

"Simmons Computer Services has been our IT service for the past year and they are great! When you call or text for help they are right back in touch within a few minutes. They are willing to come on a moments notice on site to help or many times they can walk us through over the phone. I highly recommend Simmons Computer Services for your church or business. They are first class!!"

“They are first class.”
Managed IT Services - Free consultancy.

Free consultancy sessions for Greenville SC businesses

Rather than taking no action at all, or spending dozens of hours, Googling fruitlessly on what to do with your IT or computers, why not just have a chat with us and get it fixed once and for all? 

We would give you clear, professional IT insights to help you improve your tech environment for maximum results, absolutely free and with no strings attached.

"Free? There must be a catch!"

Well, you’re right…

By providing you with this value - and showing you the potential benefits to be had, we hope to be able to work with you and ease you of the IT burdens making your business operations a drag! 

However, that is completely optional and again - there are no strings attached. If you do not want to utilize our other services; then we are satisfied to have served you regardless.

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Managed IT Services - Advise from IT Expert.

Answers to your questions

Tell us a bit about your business and we can advise you on the following:

  • If your existing IT support costs are reasonable for an organization your size
  •  If you could / should move your infrastructure to the cloud given your current processes
  • How you can bullet-proof your cyber security
  • If your backup strategy and disaster recovery plan is solid enough
  • How to optimize and automate your workflow to increase company output
  • How to never again be a victim of poor, mediocre IT services or IT support, even as a small business
Managed IT Services - Greenville South Carolina.

We cater to all of Greenville South Carolina

In case you have been wondering, "how do I find expert and responsive IT support near me?" You're in luck, because we are right around the corner.

Being remote IT support experts, we can tackle nearly all IT problems without having to show up at your office - and if we do need to come to visit, we'll jump in the car and meet you in no time.

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